GetProfit365 compensation plan is built to reward members as a bonus for buying our advertising services, and also for sponsoring members that want to do the same! Individual results in the program will vary member to member. We do not offer any kind of income forecast for our members, and is not realistic to think that they will earn sufficent income with us to make GetProfit365 there sole income. There will certainly be members that earn less than others, while other members earn more then others.

GetProfit365 is not responsible for any members or sponsors who promise earning by making projections to other people. We will never project earnings. Members of GetProfit365 could be banned from the program, for giving out false or misleading earning projections.

All revenue that comes into the program, stays in the program. We will never use any member's funds to INVEST!

All advertising sales ARE FINAL. We do not issue refunds on purchased advertising credits. If you do not agree with this disclaimer please exit GetProfit365 at this point.